Body Rhythms Massage & Reflexology

Every BODY deserves to find their own RHYTHM!

How does it work?

Reflexology works by traveling along the nerve pathways. You have 14,000 nerve endings on your feet, and they have reflexes connecting to every visceral organ, your extremities, and far more: Brain, thymus, heart, shoulder, arms and hips. When pressure is applied to a reflex on the foot, the information travels at 250 mph to the origin. Through out the reflex session, we discuss our findings. However, you should know that we never, diagnose, treat,  nor prescribe. 

Interactive Foot Chart: 


Interactive Hand Chart: 



 Who should receive this?

Anyone and everyone is able to receive this work. We do a lot of reflexology on the healthy and our oncology clients. When cancer has posed problems within a body, reflexology is able to combat nausea while under going chemo or radiation. 

People that have acute injuries, may be relieved as well.  



 Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different pain scale, reflexology is not a foot massage. Although, we may finish your session with a complementary foot massage, reflexology is acupressure performed by thumbs. Lotion is not used (until the end of a session). All sessions, begin with a foot soak, then acupressure is applied with tapioca powder (to prevent slip). Most everyone is amazed at the amount of pressure used during the session. Furthermore, they're usually amazed at the vast difference between the fitting of shoes after a session. 


Reflexology has been around for a very long time...