Body Rhythms Massage & Reflexology

Every BODY deserves to find their own RHYTHM!

Benefits of Touch and Massage for People Living with Cancer

Provides relaxation, comfort, stress reduction and quality of life.

Minimizes the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Relieves pain and edema, especially from surgery.

Restores vital energy, reduces cancer fatigue.

Reconnects the body, mind, and spirit.

Promotes the removal of toxins, without hepatic overload.

Assists in the flow of lymph, blood, and oxygen.

Boosts the immune system, elevate T-cells.

Reduces scar tissue.

Increases range-of-motion and mobility.

Restores feeling and sensation by stimulating nerve endings.

Promotes better health and overall sense of well being.

Directs energies toward healing.

Improves body image.

Provides education for empowerment and self healing. 

I have cancer, is it safe to receive a massage?

Many styles of bodywork are still considered safe for you. Our therapists will go through a detailed intake and find out your personal journey. We'll inquire about the medications you are taking, we'll discuss with you many concerns...

The style of bodywork you choose may or may not be the right one for you. Let us help guide you. These are a few things that we offer that may be safe for you:



CranioSacral Therapy 

Heat/Cold Packs

Therapeutic Touch

Manual Lymph Drainage - limited



Swedish Massage - modified 


Celina has taken continued education specifically for Cancer, Mastectomy, and Breast surgeries. She provides lots of alternative methods to many people living with cancer. She hands out educational worksheets after her sessions, allows families/caregivers to learn from her sessions, to help you save money and get better results by having someone provide therapy more often. 

She works with pre-op and post-op, with scars, etc. For more information, call her today