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Infant Massage 

We all want to feel this way right?!? Well, so do our babies. Infant massage is great for relaxing a baby who is in some sort of extreme stress.

It helps release oxytocin (feel good hormones) and helps babies bond with their immediate family members (whoever is massaging them).

Infant massage helps babies gain healthy weight better than babies who don't receive massage. For some, it has also been shown to be effective at reducing the symptoms associated with colic. It contributes better sleeping patterns too. 

There are many more benefits to Infant Massage...

Check out the Dr. Tiffany Field and the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami 

Don't Massage when your baby/child...

Has a fever, or an acute infection, staph infection, illness or disease.

Has open sores, lesions, any life threatening medical conditions.

Has an unhealed umbilical cord (tummy massage is contraindicated).

Has swollen lymph nodes, blood clots or a blood condition.

Has had recent immunizations/vaccinations (wait 48-72 hours).

Has a skin disorder which may be contagious or cause inflammation.